About Community
Unites States Community Social Networking Platform.

Welcome to Community

The Community is a United States Community Social website.

The Community is under construction 

At this time the Community consit of test accounts and users, this will be updated when applicable.

I have been inspired to make this site a U.S. Community because of all the negative influences from other countries in other social sites.  I have blocked most countries from the server but unfotiantly they will still get in so we will still have to be careful and research any information that may lead us astray.

I also am creating the Community social site to create a safe place and stop Bulling, Hate, Lies and Fraud from other users in the U.S. Unfotiantly that is running rampant on all social medias at this time.  It won't be easy but I will do my best with your help to create a save and true environment. The Community will not tolerate this type of action. The Community will not be a place for people to rant and rave hate and violence on any issues. Especially government issues.  Any issues can be discussed put in a calm and kind manner and with real proof, lies and hate is not considered free speech! It is considered lies and hate!

Just a few examples.
ie: QAnon is lies and hate. Donald Trump is filled with lies and hate. If you want to promote lies and hate then I am sure there are plenty of other communities out there to do that.  That’s just a few short examples. I will get into these issues more in the TOS and Privacy Policies. If you don’t like the community policies then your resolve is simple. Don’t join our community. A real community is where you do things together in a friendly peaceful way.

The Community is under construction with the Goal of allowing full free registration by July 4th 2021! I will be allowing users to register on a invite or email request before that with the understanding that you may lose all your data during the testing stages.